Kevin Feige: ‘Fantastic Four’ will be brought up to the Level they deserve


When it comes to Marvel Comics first family, the  Fantastic Four, their cinema history has not been shrouded in glory. That’s not to say that the first two Fox Fantastic Four films were awful. They were not. But they certainly didn’t measure up to the standards that would be set later by Marvel Studios.

Unfortunately, the attempted reboot of the Franchise put the iconic Four in such a negative light, it made future reworks seem untenable at best. That was then. Now that Disney has purchased Fox and regained the rights to the Fantastic Four, fans have been wondering what’s in the future.

While no details have been released, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has not forgotten the Fantastic Four. In fact he detailed that they are very much in their future plans. As for what that means, he said:

All of that is spoilers, but I’m extremely excited about those characters, and about bringing Marvel’s first family up to the sort of platform and level they deserve.

It might be debatable if that was meant as some shade toward Fox, however, if what Marvel Studios has accomplished in the past is any indication, Fantastic Four fans have a great deal to look forward to. The question will be whether that is in Phase 5 or beyond. Are you excited to see what the creative teams at Marvel will do with Marvel’s First Family? Share what you hope for the Fantastic Four with us a GeekVibesNation.