Don’t fret – the X-Men are going to be integrated into the MCU. Kevin Feige’s working on it. In a recent interview, the Marvel Studios President revealed his love for the well-known Marvel group. As well as how he’s planning to bring the previously Fox-owned characters into the fold:

Kevin Feige: You know how much I love the X-Men. I already said that’s where I started. I can’t tell you anything before we actually announced it, but rest assured, the discussions have been long and ongoing internally.

So far it’s been confirmed that Fantastic Four will be brought in – directed by Jon Watts. And we’ve just gotten confirmation from Feige via Collider that Deadpool 3 will be in the MCU. And it will star Ryan Reynolds. And It will be Rated R. So, we just need to wait a little bit, but I’m excited to see the X-Men brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who would you like to see play some of the most iconic X-Men?

Source: Screen Rant

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