We’ve all known for awhile now that Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman will be facing off against her arch nemesis Cheetah in her upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984, but we had only heard bits and pieces of how this would be accomplished until the release of the new trailer at DC’s FanDome event late last month.

DC’s follow-up event allowed a few fans to ask questions of the cast and crew, and Kristen Wiig was able to answer with surprising depth without giving too much away.

“The connection between Diana and Cheetah, they work together and they’re friends at the beginning of the movie,” Wiig explained. “Barbara Minerva, who becomes Cheetah, she really looks up to Diana and wants to be her. Diana really loves being around Barbara. It makes the relationship a bit more complicated and interesting as Barbara starts to change…The rest, you’ll have to see.”

As a long-time Wonder Woman fan, I’m personally very excited to see the friendship between Wiig’s Minerva and Gadot’s Wonder Woman evolve into rivalry throughout the film, with no shortage of help from Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord to be sure.

Sadly the film has been pushed back again from October 2nd to December 25th, but if all of the news is any indication this is a movie worth waiting just a little longer for. Check back here for all the updates as we get them, and I’ll see you in line at the premier!

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