There is no doubt that two of the greatest animated comic book shows of all time are Batman: The Animated Series and Marvel’s X-Men The Animated Series. From the opening theme song, which I still feel was a mistake not to use in the movies, you were hooked each time the show came on the air.  X-Men: TAS ran from October 31, 1992 until September 20, 1997.

There have been campaigns and hope from fans that the series would be revived through Disney now that they own the rights.  There have been rumors that the series would be revived or has been talked about being revived at Disney but nothing has been confirmed.  Recently the podcast, Much Talk About Nothing, sat down with television producer, Larry Houston. Larry was asked if the rumors were true about a revival to which he replied

“We have let it be known that we are still here, we are not under the ground. We really want to pick up where we left off but it has been crickets and I really have no idea what they are doing.”

When I saw the WandaVision thing, I was like ‘Oh my God!’, they are taking the first baby step but we have not heard anything.”

So there you have it for now. We still hold out hope that when the time is right maybe Disney will bring the X-Men: TAS back or retool the series with some of the original cast. Someone let Disney know that we want the series to return and give Larry a call and make it happen.

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