When you step into a Christopher Nolan film, you expect to experience a level of confusion that will have you thinking about it long after leaving the movie. Tenet doesn’t look to be any different. In fact, Nolan promises that his upcoming film will not be like any other that he’s put out before. Originally meant to hit th theaters on July 17th, the movie has not received another release date, but it’s safe to say it will not be premiering when anyone originally thought it would. Regardless, the hype for Tenet is still real, especially after a new trailer was released.

At first glance, Tenet could feel like Inception. Inception and Memento all had to do with the manipulation of time, but Tenet seems like another monster all on its own.

The Hollywood Reporter came up with an interesting look into Tenet, as well as Nolan films in general. For most of the article, THR touched upon the comparisons between Tenet and James Bond. Nolan is a fan of James Bond and has used this sort of film making in all of his movies, even the Dark Knight trilogy. In James Bond films, we constantly have a new James Bond – they never grow old. But, Tenet tackles the concept of time and the idea that a protagonist would like to die old. In movies, the protagonist is always as young or old as the movie presents them. Nolan has not only brought in a person of color as his lead, which James Bond has not done yet; but also tackles the issue of time.

Tenet means belief, so it looks like that is something that will be explored in the movie. Whatever happens and whatever the film is about, it seems that Nolan is taking on another part of humanity and exploring it. It’s a movie of reflection of a character wanting to grow old, instead of remaining the same or dying at the age he is.

Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Clemence Poesy, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Source: THR

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