Not to sound like a broken record, but it is truly a shame that Netflix is deciding to cut all of their shows. Both Iron Fist and Luke Cage ended with the set-up for another season, which they will never get. Despite Daredevil’s heartwarming finale, there was a lot that still could have been done, and we the fans would have eaten it up. Unfortunately, we’ll never get these chances due to business politics. Even if the Disney+ decides to bring the characters on, they’ll in no way be at the capacity they were and more than likely feature new actors.

Sam Ernst, co-executive producer of Daredevil; sent out a grim set of tweets earlier, echoing how many feel:

While we can all cry over the cool moments season four would have brought us, we can also point out that Marvel execs were there as well, stunned. So, any indication that these decisions are Marvel is inaccurate. It’s Netflix cutting ties, which affect everyone. Not only do the fans feel robbed, but actors, crew members, and everyone in between who worked on these shows now are unemployed.

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