There’s a lot to learn from Marvel’s Avengers‘ War Table. Which, was released today. Much was covered throughout this video. Great tidbits discussed, such as story, the heroes, the villains, and much more.

Eneba Many GEOs

IGN released an article talking about 38 things they noticed in the video. While we’re obviously not going to list all 38 (you can find that here), we are going to highlight some of the most important fun facts that you should know.

  • New story sections will be added after the launch of the game.
  • MODOK will be the big bad in the game.
  • Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) seems to discover her powers when she takes on some bullies at the Captain American A-Day memorial statue.
  • Thor’s ability to call the BiFrost will cause huge damage.
  • Skill points, earned on each level; will unlock new power, new abilities, and improve current power moves.
  • Earn cosmetics by completing missions, decoding patterns, or purchasing them.
  • The Hulkbuster Iron Man suit will be available at some point.

What did you notice about the trailer and are you excited for this upcoming game?

Source: IGN

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