Just because everything is getting delayed or canceled, doesn’t mean that there isn’t some good news to be had. This gift comes in the package of The Mandalorian season two news.

Michael Biehn has been cast in the second season of the excellent Disney+ show, which stars Pedro Pascal. Biehn is known for his roles in Tombstone, Terminator, and Aliens. This is a pretty good get, which follows the trend of The Mandalorian. The Star Wars series had big players like Nick Nolte and Carl Weathers participate in the show, which was really cool.

Biehn will be playing a bounty hunter from Mando’s past. That’s all the information we have for you there. The last gift will be that Bill Burr will return for season two.

Are you excited for Biehn’s introduction in The Mandalorian season two?

Eneba Many GEOs

Source: Making Star Wars

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