When you feel like it’s time to rest from work or study, the best option to escape the routine and overwhelming reality is to go to the movies. Or just staying at home and watching a nice movie that you are really fond of is such a great thing to do after a busy day. There are so many movies that people adore and love watching several times. We know a lot of films, some of them are very popular, some not. It’s the matter of taste and interest that makes people rewatch them many times. However, some directors don’t stop on one version of the movies they make. Regardless of the popularity of the movie, more and more remakes appear on screens. Would you like to watch Titanic from a different perspective? Or is it pointless to reshoot the movies which are already a masterpiece? The opinions and thoughts on this topic are different. Anyway, the audience is looking for new movies, new acting. Whether it is a remake or not, we will always have this urge for new films and the emotions that they derive. Here are the top 5 movie remakes that are worth watching, not only once. 

Top Five Movie Remakes

Are you a big movie fan who can’t wait to see a new release of the film? You are probably the one who reads reviews for the movies you are going to watch to have the first impression of the film and to make up your mind whether you want to see it or not. If it’s all about you and the only thing that stops you from spending your precious time watching a good movie is your paper writing, then you should find ways to deal with it. Because otherwise, it will be hard to inspect the list of movies suggested below to compare them with old versions. Reading a review for a movie wouldn’t be enough to estimate the quality and work of the actors. Some reviews are mainly focused on confusing the audience to create a false evaluation for other works to gain success. In your case, if you are a student, you can visit Collegeessaywriter and save a little time to watch these five movie remakes to make your own judgment about the works.

1. Robocop (2014)

The character of this movie became an icon of American culture. The move reflects some modern problems in the social world. It also touches on such topics as authoritarianism and violence. Great special effects attract a lot of people to watch the series with total excitement. Some say that the first RoboCop is much better in spite of the lack of effects and modern graphics; however, it still ranks in the top position for a good movie remake. Compared to RoboCop3, the 2014 movie appears to be much more serious, which benefited the movie very much. 

2. The Jungle Book (2016)

As you know, the original version was made in 1967. It was an animated movie with numerous songs. The characters we remember from our childhood and their image are so warmly kept in our hearts will never be forgotten. Jon Favreau’s version of the 2016 movie is something more special and heart-touching. The story tells us about the boy who is trying to manage the scariest conditions in the jungle. He goes through many challenges in the greatest attempt to survive. The new movie appeared to be a wonderful version of an old classic one, preserving the style and atmosphere which the author of the book Rudyard Kipling tries to express in his works. 

3. A Star Is Born (2018)

Actually, it’s the third remake. Each version of A star is bornan award because every movie depicts the relevant topic for a particular generation. Lady Gaga, who starred in the third movie, did the best job showing the struggle with herself being famous. This role got her even more popularity and made the movie the best one compared to two previous versions of 1954 and 1976.

4. Pete’s Dragon (2016)

A fantasy story of a boy and his dragon friend won’t leave you indifferent. The plot is really heart-touching and unbelievable. In comparison to an old movie that was made in 1977, the new one is so warm and friendly that it will make you believe in any kind of magic. It’s a great chance to show kids through the movie what a real friendship can be. 

5. It (2017)

The best horror movie of all time, It was first made into a film from Stephen King’s book in 1990. However, a new version has exceeded the expectations. Andy Muschietti showed a great performance acting in a very unusual manner. If you are a fan of Stephen King’s works, this movie is definitely for you. It is a horror that won’t let you sleep peacefully for a long time after watching this sequel. 

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