Ms. Marvel To Begin Production in April of 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”31001″ img_size=”900×500″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+ and while we don’t have anyone cast yet for the role of Kamala Khan, we do have a start date for production.

According to Production Weekly, filming will begin in April in Atlanta. An exact film date has not been released, but we do know April of 2020 will be the start of Kamala’s journey in the MCU.

Also included in Production Weekly is a nice blurb about Ms. Marvel:

“The show will center on Marvel’s first Muslim superhero to star in her own comic book title. Ms. Marvel as a comic and heroine has existed since 1976, with the character Carol Danvers using the name for her crime-fighting escapades. The latest incarnation, and the one the show will be focusing on, is a teenager named Kamela Khan. Khan broke ground by becoming Marvel’s first Muslim character to be lead her own comics title. Her identity as a Pakistani American, living in a religious family in New Jersey whilst trying to find her own way, have been a major focus of the stories. Her powers have been described as polymorphous, meaning she has the ability to stretch and change her shape.”

Fans have been very enthusiastic for Kamala Khan to join the MCU and G. Willow Wilson has commented on processing the support for Ms. Marvel:

“I think there’re some characters who are very much set up for the big screen; they’re very naturally sort of cinematic. But with Ms. Marvel, we really weren’t interested in creating something that had very obvious film potential. I was really leaning — and I know Adrian [Alphona] and Takeshi [Miyazawa] and all of the artists as well — were really leaning into the comic book-ness of this character. She’s got very comic booky powers. God bless them trying to bring that to live-action; I don’t know how that’s going to work out in a way that doesn’t look really creepy.”

How excited are you for Ms. Marvel?

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