It’s been a dark time for fans of the Marvel Netflix content. While Iron Fist and Luke Cage were canned, we still sort of held out hope that Daredevil would be renewed. It seemed that no one was ready for goodbyes, but as stellar as the third season was, it would have been nice to have a fourth season. Most importantly, this latest decision made by Netflix is all the more proof that this is a corporate move and has nothing to do with ratings. After all, Disney+ will be launching next year and considering Netflix had previously stated that the shows were theirs to cancel, cancel they certainly are.

Alan Sepinwall, who is an industry writer and chief television critic for The Rolling Stone; believes that if the shows did find new homes on the upcoming Disney streaming service that they would not be continuations of what we’ve seen on Netflix, rather “rebooted” and “started from scratch”.

Sepinwall went on to talk about how the deal of Netflix and Marvel was ill-conceived and how Netflix was unhappy with the whole bit. Although I believe Sepinwall made some good points, the fact is, that many big wigs don’t seem to grasp; is that these shows did mean so much. In these shows, we got representation not only racially, culturally, sexuality, gender, etc and that is something you don’t see on screen in the movie part of the MCU. When Daredevil kicked everything off, we were ready for these shows to last years and considering how most of them ended on cliffhangers, since no one expected to be canceled; it’s really an unfair move against fans who took the time and interest to watch these shows. To dismiss this, is to dismiss the impact the shows have had on people.

Eneba Many GEOs

The unfortunate truth is that Disney+ would probably recast and we’d most likely see a much different take on these shows. Can you imagine The Punisher on a Disney channel? Big companies aren’t small enough to sit alongside fans to realize what fans really want. In the meantime, let’s enjoy what we have, and there are comics, and fanfiction to keep the stories alive!

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