New Line earlier in the year announced plans to move forward with a third installment in their horror franchise, Annabelle. For those unfamiliar, this takes place in their developing Conjuring cinematic universe. Gary Dauberman will be directing this installment and has written all three of the Annabelle films. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return to their roles as supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Producer James Wan and Dauberman have revealed some of the details about the film, with Wan referring to it as “Night at the Museum with Annabelle.” In addition, Dauberman explained that Annabelle, who is being kept in the Warren’s artifact room, will bring use her powers on other museum artifacts and bring them to life to target the Warren’s young daughter, Judy.

As reported by That Hashtag Show , it was learned that the plot for the upcoming Annabelle 3 centers around Judy being left home with a pair of teenage babysitters that have no idea of the kind of supernatural goings on in the museum. Obviously teenager babysitters Mary Ellen Jones and her friend Denise didn’t read the fine print in their contract. Will they be able to help Judy without her parents there to lend a hand? Stay tuned.

Annabelle 3 is slated to begin filming in Los Angeles sometime this October and casting is underway for Mary Ellen, Denise and Judy. At this time, the film is expected to be released sometime in the summer of 2019.

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