New Trailer for Comedy Mockumentary ‘MARATHON’ Released

Check out the Christopher Guest-style mockumentary MARATHON, which will premiere on digital and On Demand this July!

MARATON comes from the writer-directors Keith Strausbaugh and Guidubaldi. MARATHON is described as a “cheeky, giggle-filled mockumentary”. The mockumentary will begin three months before the Devil’s Canyon Marathon, which is an underfunded local race that’s organized by a shoe store owner, Ed Clap.

The filmmakers had this to say about the cast:

“Every mock-doc lives and dies by its cast, so the spotlight should be on them, not us. Thankfully, we had a company of Las Vegas comedic stars from Cirque du Soleil, Absinthe, Second City, and Blue Man Group… mixed with a few up-and-coming and hilarious Upright Citizens Brigade actors from LA. That’s our statement”.

Kimia Behpoornia, Tavius Cortez, Andrew Hansen, Roberto Raad, Marc Roberts, Natalie Sullivan, Jimmy Slonina, and Anais Thomassian star.

Check out the trailer:

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