Dragon Ball Super

If you missed Part one of my top Twenty-Five moments, here is the link to it.

Now that is over with, let’s get on with Part two!

6. Happy Birthday Naruto!

Naruto Shippuden

The Fourth Great Ninja War was a colossal rollercoaster ride. So much stuff happened within this arc. Asuma came back to life to fight the InoShikaCho trio, Zabuza and Haku came back to life, Sasuke got the closer he needed. Like I said roller coaster.

But, the moment that got me was the moment were Minato was going to be released from the Edo Tensei Jutsu, but before that, he tells Naruto Happy birthday! This moment immediately filled my heart with joy, then almost immediately destroyed my heart when you see Minato’s soul being released. It was such a bittersweet moment.

7. Benimaru Vs. Demon Haran

Fire Force

When you think of some of the best fights of 2019, Benimaru Vs. Demon Haran has to be on that list. On a technical level, this fight is phenomenal from the choreography, animation, and sound design. You can not tell me that you watched this episode and did not get hyped!

Benimaru Vs. Demon Haran was just good technical wise, but what got me was Benimaru way of exorcising the demon with respect. It was at that moment we all knew that Benimaru was a badass!

8. I Can Show You The World


When we talk about Disney/Pixar, most of us will say that “I Can Show You The World” is the best part of Aladdin, and rightfully so. Aladdin has this sense of wonder and magic that brings both kids and adults together, much like any Disney animated film. Still, with Aladdin, it has more impact than most Disney animated movies.

If you were to rank Aladdin as a movie, where would you rank it in the Disney lineup?

9. Learning To Fly

How to Train Your Dragon

How to train your dragon gets slept on way too often. And it shouldn’t; how to the dragon is one the best-animated movie out there, filled with badass moments, heartbreaking moments, and beautiful movements.

Within all The moments in How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, ‘Learning how to fly’ moment is probably the most impactful moment within the franchise. It is crafted in a way that you get everything emotionally from happiness, annoyance, nervous, and hyped and this is all in two minutes.

10. Endeavour PLUS ULTRA!

10. Endeavor, “PLUS ULTRA!”

Fire Force

When fans talk about this fight, they usually talk about the animation, and rightfully so. The fluidity of the motion, the impact of each attack all have a purpose. With that said, the best part of this scene is the philosophy behind all the beautiful animation.

This moment shows Endeavor’s development as a character. And I love how he want to prove that development. Not only to his family, that are watching but the world. Prove that he is a better person/father, prove that he will earn the number one title that was given to him.

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