Paramount Looking To Reboot ‘The Ring’ Horror Franchise

The Ring is a massive horror film franchise, earning hundreds of millions of dollars. It is well-known for all of its iterations in both the American market and the Japanese market. With so many horror movies coming out with new adaptations, such as Halloween (2018) and Spiral: From the Book of Saw; it shouldn’t be very surprising that studios may want to touch upon this other well-known horror franchise.

You may get just that. According to a reliable source to Geek Vibes Nation, Paramount is actually planning to reboot The Ring franchise. This source also says that the studio is planning on emphasizing the book series more and wants a “wider appeal to the Asian audience”.

The Ring was actually one of those American horror movie remakes that paved the way for many Japanese-speaking horror movies to be redone in America. With the rumor that it’s looking to appeal to an Asian audience more, will it be a non-English-speaking film in the style of Parasite?

What do you think about the rumor of The Ring being rebooted?

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