So you got the new PS5 and have already nearly filled the 1TB (667GB usable) solid state drive and have been wondering when Sony was going to make the expansion slot inside the console available for use. Well Sony has announced that the storage options are set to open up this summer with a planned firmware upgrade. But when this summer remains to be seen.

“As previously announced, we are working to enable M.2 SSD storage expansion for PlayStation 5. The timing has not been announced and details will be shared later,”

Until the firmware update there is not much users can do as Sony has blocked the ability to add existing M.2 drives to the system since they have not been tested. You can still store and play PS4 games from an external USB HDD.

As a PS5 owner I am looking forward to this expansion being opened up. I just hope that price tag is not too steep. Right now M.2 NVMe SSD’s run from $79-$400 depending on where you look and the size of the drive.

Stay tuned to PlayStation and GVN for more updates.

Source: Bloomberg 

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