‘Pokémon Evolutions’ Ep. 2 Review – ‘THE ECLIPSE’

Hello again everyone! I’m back with another review for the Pokémon: Evolutions episode on the Pokémon Company’s official YouTube page. Last week the latest episode featured Lilly and her adventures with Nebby in the Alola region. Just to rehash what I said in the first episode’s review, these are short episodes that revolve around the many characters from the video games that live in different regions of the Pokémon world. There’s limited voice acting so don’t expect a full-on episode like the traditional Pokémon anime that airs every week. These are just short stories with some awesome animation.

Pokémon Evolutions episode 2

In Episode 2, titled The Eclipse starring Lilly and her legendary Pokémon called Nebby, we find ourselves watching her experiences as a trainer. Just like in the traditional anime, Lilly didn’t start out as a trainer, which made her journey in life with her partner Pokémon much more difficult – she wasn’t built for this life! They appear at an ancient altar, with the ever-silent protagonist, that was built to honor the legendary Pokémon in the Alola region. This is something that happens towards the end of Pokémon: Sun & Moon and in a similar sequence of events, Lilly is met head-on with one of the biggest challenges in her life – the second challenge for her is getting her mother’s approval and overall encouragement.

Pokémon Evolutions episode 2


Nebby evolves into the legendary Lunala from its previous form Cosmoem just in time to battle the Ultra Beast known as Necrozma. Needless to say, the animation in this episode is on a grand scale albeit brief. I wanted to see more in this episode especially since the best part of the battle was about to begin. The Alola region and its story isn’t one of my favorites, to be quite honest. The pacing of the episode left much to be desired and I’m not sure why they chose to go with Lilly rather than peace together scenes that would involve the silent hero/heroine with better battles that would leave your jaw on the floor. In this instance, and I hate to say this…but I’d recommend watching the battles with legendary Pokémon and ultra beasts in the traditional anime. You may get a better reward than what you’d get with this episode. With that said, these episodes aren’t long at all, with episode 2 being a little over 8 minutes, the visuals alone are pleasing enough to keep you watching. Hopefully, in the next episode, they’ll show more trainer battles rather than the legendaries going at it. Those types of episodes are the ones that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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