Facing Mortality

As the years of my life pass, I have become more and more aware of mortality. Not necessarily for myself, as I would hope at almost 56 years of age, I will be around a while. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my childhood and teenage favorites.

This should not be a surprise as most of these performers were in their early 30’s or so when I was watching them back in the day. That does not lesson the impact when they suddenly pass away. Somehow, you feel like they will live forever, which as we know, that doesn’t happen.

René Auberjonois

This was brought into sharp focus with the death of René Auberjonois. It is no secret that I am a huge Star Trek fan. This started with the Original Series and then Star Trek TNG and Deep Space Nine. It was in Deep Space Nine where I noticed Mr. Auberjonois. He played the shapeshifting station security chief Odo. His character started very brusk and straight forward. But as the years went by, his character changed. He was more loose, and relished sparring with Quark, the Ferengi Bar Owner. The constable even found love with the stations first officer Kira Nerys. As the seasons past, he became almost loveable.

Eneba Many GEOs

However, as popular as the character of Odo became, the actor was just as popular with his fellow actors. This was reflected by their Twitter tributes upon his passing by both Original Cast and his fellow DS9 cast mates:


Finding Comfort

While I am saddened by his passing, it is somehow comforting that he and his family had such a close relationship with those he worked with. I myself had an opportunity to see him at February’s GalaxyCon in Richmond. Who knew that would prove to be the last time it would be possible?  RIP René. You have apparently touched the lives of many…including yours truly.

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