Report: ‘Dark Phoenix’ and ‘New Mutants’ Still Happening

Yesterday the internet was sent into a frenzy as reports came out that FOX was going to scrap the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film and the New Mutants. That report came from a user on the SuperHeroHype forums who said he was an employee for the FOX company. None this information was ever validated and many came out saying this was untrue and that FOX still planned to release both films. One of those users was Jeremy Conrad with MCU Cosmic whom I follow on Twitter and can say that Jeremy has a pretty good track record when it comes to this type of information. Also reported was that the long awaited Channing Tatum Gambit film was going to be scrapped.  A new report today from Jeremy indicates that Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are still happening but that other FOX films – Gambit, X-Force, X-23, Doom, and Silver Surfer are no longer happening.  You can check out the tweet below


The Gambit film with Channing Tatum has been in constant development issues and seemed like it was never going to take off. Director Drew Goddard was attached to direct the X-Force film but unless Disney decides to keep him that now seems unlikely to happen. Also off the table will probably the Multiple Man film from James Franco.

How do you feel about this news? Do you think FOX should scrap it all since the other films are not getting made or do you at least want to see Dark Phoenix and New Mutants as the FOX X-Men franchise rides off into the sunset and will soon be in the hands of Disney and Kevin Feige? Leave a comment below or follow us on Twitter @GeekVibesNation for more discussions.

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