Review: Mad Cave Studios ‘They Fell from the Sky’ by Liezl Buenaventura and Xavier Tarrega

They Fell from the Sky

For anyone who has read my stuff for Geek Vibes Nation, they know a couple of things. I am a big Sci-Fi nerd and I love comics. So if there is a comic that delves into that sci-fi genre, they are likely to get my attention. This was exactly the format for Mad Cave Studio’s They Fell from the Sky.

It tells the tale of group of young friends who are fans of a science fiction show called Space Journey. (Any resemblance to Star Trek probably intentional). They spend their nights binging on the show and discussing the possibility of life on other planets.

Tommy Murphy is one of those friends. During the day, he is living the life of a typical nerd. Being misunderstood by parents (at least by one), being bullied, and fighting with his older sibling. What we geeky kids would call…what’s the word? Normal. But that normalcy is changed when an actual alien vessel lands in the woods. Tommy finds it and it’s lone injured occupant. The question is, what to do next?


Part of the charm of this book for me is my ability to relate to the kids. Especially Young Tommy. As a self-described nerd who was already suffering from self-esteem issues, I can relate to him and his friends being picked on. Unfortunately, even back then, there were those who believe that just because they are bigger and stronger, it gives them the right to impose their wills on the weak. I like that Tommy channeled his inner “Captain Dirk” and stood up for himself, and those less fortunate.

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Furthermore, I also liked that even though his sister was hard on him (and just about everyone else it seems), she still looked after Tommy. Especially when a bully stole and wrecked his school lunch. (I hate bullies). There seems  to be a lot of family unrest in the Murphy household. But it’s not the violent type. It’s pretty much the  kind of differences that happen between kids and parents. That doesn’t make it easier to deal with. But poor Mom is doing everything she can to support all sides. They need to keep that woman.


As a whole, They fell from the Sky has an E.T feel while exploring the relationships of the family and Tommy’s friends. Starting out in Issue One, it is this exploration that stands out. At least until the story gets rolling. I look forward to seeing where writer Liezl Buenaventura and artist Xavier Tarrega take this tale. And speaking of these creators…

I would be remiss in not mentioning that Liezl Buenaventura and artist Xavier Tarrega were the winners of the Mad Cave Studios talent search. Kudos to MadCave for giving new creators a chance to put their foot in the comic book door. So far so good Liezl and Xavier, let’s keep the train, (or spaceship, in this case) rolling. If you are interested in supporting up and coming talents, give They Fell from the Sky a look. If for no other reason initially than seeing family relationships being portrayed in a realistic manner. 🖖🏻

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