The Richmond GalaxyCon is coming this weekend. And since we have already discussed the celebrities, and voiceover artists at the event, let’s cover the creators. I have mentioned in the past that the creators have been my favorite part of the Cons. It has been a real pleasure to get the chance to meet so many talented men and women. In truth, I have yet to meet one who was not friendly and willing to make sure that they gave each visitor their full attention. So with that in mind, here are at least some of the artists, and writers that will be making their way to the Richmond Convention Center.

Eneba Many GEOs

Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire is a best selling author and creator of such graphic novels as Sweet Tooth, Essex County and Black Hammer. He has also done work for Marvel, including Extraordinary X-Men, Moon Knight, and Old Man Logan. In addition, he has done work for both Image and Valiant Comics. Besides appearing at his table, He will also be participating in two panels. “Why Comics?” And “Writing for Comics.” For those fans of Mr. Lemire (as I am), you will find Mr. Lemire in the Creators section at Booth 1728.


Ray Fawkes

Ray Fawkes is a well known and critically acclaimed author in both comics and graphic novels. His graphic novel works include Underwriter, Intersect, One Soul, and Junction True. His comic works include such titles as Batman: Eternal, Constantine, Justice League Dark, Gotham by Midnight, and Black Hammer 45 with Jeff Lemire. So if you want to meet an Eisner, Harvey, and Shuster Award nominee, you can find him in the Creators section at booth 1629.


Becky Clooney

Becky Clooney is an accomplished comic artist and writer who was the first woman to draw Batman for DC Comics. Her other works include Gotham Academy, Wolverine, Punisher and Hack/Slash. She has shared her talents with all the major comic houses, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and Vertigo. Besides greeting fans at her table, she will be participating in three panels. “Why Comics?”, “Doom Patrol” and “The Vigilantes: From Batman to the Punisher.” Miss Clooney can be found in the Creators section at booth 1727.


Tom Grummett

With a career that stretches back into the 1980’s, Tom Grummett has been a steadying force in the comic business. His work encompasses such titles as Superboy, Superman, The Hulk, Robin, Thor Teen Titans, as well as the Fantastic Four and Iron Man. In addition to his table appearance, he will be participating in two panels. “Creating Comics in the 80’s”, and “Live draw with Tom Grummet and Marc Deering.” So if you want to meet one of comics long time pro’s, you will find him in the Creators section at booth 1129.

These are just a few of the talented and award winning artists and writers making their way to this weekend’s Richmond GalaxyCon. Yours truly will be visiting this section often during the three day event. Look to GeekVibesNation to share all the happenings at this years event. For those close enough to attend, we hope to see you there.


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