Hi. My name is Tia. I am a huge American Gods fan. So, I was pretty upset when I heard the reports that the Starz series was canceled a week after its season three finale. Especially since, we as fans (who have read Neil Gaiman’s book); know there’s only one season worth of story left to tell. Considering season three left on a massive cliffhanger, a series cancelation leaves viewers hanging.

Series lead, Ricky Whittle; decided to keep it light-hearted in an Instagram post today. Take a look:

Shadow lives😝Sorted🙌🏾🤣 #AmericanGods season 4 in the can🎥🤣🎬

There are plans and a serious passion about finishing @neilhimself critically acclaimed novel. I’m excited for the potential of that opportunity to finish #shadowmoons journey and final evolution along side my incredibly talented family and their characters too. It is our loyalty to our fans,your positivity, passion & voices that will make this happen-Believe🙏🏾

Whittle is seemingly referring to the reports that Starz may give American Gods either a small event series or a TV movie to wrap everything up. While a full season would have been nice, fans are hoping for a proper ending to the series. And to have the loose ends tied up.

I will certainly be keeping my eyes on the news to see if there’s any chance we may see some closure to the show.

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