Disney+ still has a lot of Marvel plans in the works for us. It’s just that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a lot back. That doesn’t mean the rumors aren’t still circling. Like this rumor. According to Murphy’s Multiverse, there are rumors that the character Echo could be making her entrance into the MCU via one of the upcoming Marvel shows. There’s a Marvel Studios casting call sheet that contains details specific to the character Echo.

According to sources, the casting sheet describes a character named Malia, who is in her 20s. She would be deaf and a Native American. According to the casting sheet, whoever is cast must know American Sign Language. And the casting call is looking for someone for a project that is expected to begin shooting this Fall.

For right now, these are rumors, but it would be cool to get more Marvel comic book characters integrated into the live-action MCU. Who would you like to see play Echo, if she is cast? And what does her inclusion mean to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Source: CB

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