Ghost Rider was first introduced to the MCU in ABC’s Marvel Agents of SHIELD. The role was played by Gabriel Luna who was supposed to have his own show debut on HULU. That series was cancelled and fans were left wondering what might become of their favorite flame headed anti-hero. Well some good news has popped up today as it has been reported from Daniel Richtman via MCU Direct that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are currently working on a new Ghost Rider project. This project will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but at this time there is no info on whether or not it will be a live action movie or TV release.

A lot of projects from Marvel do seem to be hitting Disney+ or even HULU before they make an appearance on the big screen. That is the plan for Ms. Marvel and I am sure She-Hulk. The report also indicates that this Ghost Rider will not be played by Gabriel Luna nor will it be the Robbie Reyes version either. Could we be seeing a return to Johnny Blaze? It is important to note that this DOES NOT mean Luna will not appear as Ghost Rider in future shows or movies.

MCU Direct hints that the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel could be a perfect place to introduce the new Ghost Rider and with Marvel developing a Blade movie there is no telling what could be in store for those characters. Maybe even a team up movie? One thing is for sure, the MCU is about to get a whole lot more interesting with tons of new characters coming soon.

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