One of the biggest and most popular video games to be released for PlayStation was the Spider-Man game. A visual spectacle with brilliant story-telling that allowed gamers to become Spider-Man. No doubt that Sony wants to make a sequel and some new rumors reveal a much bigger and possibly darker story.

SPOILER ALERT for those who have not finished the game.




If you are still here then we assume you completed the game. At the end we saw Peter unable to save Aunt May in what might be one of the saddest moments in video game history. The sequel is said to pick up four or five months later and the setting will be winter. Can you imagine swinging from building to building covered in snow? They should really make it so ice affects your webbing and you have to use special web fluid that sticks to ice better while swinging. Would be a nice challenge but I digress. Peter still mourns the loss of Aunt May and lives with Mary Jane.

The game details suggest no multiplayer but Queens and Brooklyn will be added to the map. Insomniac is working on new mechanics which will help with the low building traversal.

Of course what is a hero with his villains. The first game saw many classic villains and Spider-Man 2 looks to build on that. Rumored for the game are Venom who surprisingly will not be played by Eddie Brock but instead by…Harry Osborne? The report claims Insomniac will make users assume that will be the case but might not go that direction. Carnage and Mysterio also round out the villains and Eddie Brock is set to debut as well. Eddie is set to serve as a major player in the story line. (He has to be Venom)

Some other cool things to note will be webbing, users can perform a web chain

With it, Spidey can “chain together web ‘zips,’ so when you reach a point, he immediately zips to the next and so on.”

The game will also feature three swinging modes which a user can set based on skill set

Realistic, Arcade and Hybrid. While the names aren’t final, their basic functions seem set in stone. Realistic is “very Spider-Man 2-esque,” meaning it relies on pure physics. Arcade mode offers “fake assistance.” Finally, Hybrid combines the two for something that will feel akin to the PS4 entry’s mechanics.

This all seems way too good to be true but it might be. Until we get confirmation it is always good to take this kind of stuff with a dump truck of salt.

How do you feel about these rumors? Are you hyped for Spider-Man 2?

H/T: PlayStationLifeStyle

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