The Whisperers has been a long-awaited plotline for AMC’s The Walking Dead. As villains eviler than even Negan, it’s anyone’s wonder how Rick and his group will survive these vicious antagonists. Coming into season nine, we have confirmation that the zombie show is indeed bringing in this story arc. There’s already a lot going on with TWD, with Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan leaving, Jon Bernthal coming back for an episode, and a two-year time jump. The head of the group, Alpha; has been cast as actress Samantha Morton, who is best known for her role in Fantastic Beasts.

Alpha’s second in command, Beta has been cast and will be played by Sons of Anarchy’s Ryan Hurst. Also appearing in House, CSI, Law & Order SVU, and Bates Motel, Hurst is a great addition to The Walking Dead. As Beta, he is a notorious villain who goes up against the survivors and as we saw with Negan and Simon, a leader needs a good second in command. Hopefully, for Alpha’s sake, Beta doesn’t take the same road Simon did. Either way, this is a great choice for casting, and you can look forward to all the madness on October 7th when TWD returns.

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