With this being the last season of Gotham, it is pretty much common knowledge where this is going. Bruce is going to finalize his transition into Batman by the end of Season 5, which inevitably means he’s going to be getting all the iconic trappings of the job. This includes the Batcave, which will be getting an all-new look and location this time around (minus the labels on everything I would imagine).

The cave beneath Wayne Manor has been seen on more than one occasion through the series. Bruce and Alfred explored it one point earlier on and it was revisited in a couple of vision/dream sequences in Season 4  in which Bruce saw an adult version of himself amongst the bats. The return of the Batcave makes sense. It is an integral part of the mythos of Batman.

Eneba Many GEOs

The eventual Batcave will be getting an upgrade in size. This would be necessary if they plan to film scenes from that setting. Set designer and assistant art director Jonathan Collins shared a photo of the ideas he is trying to implement.

Does the re-introduction of the Batcave get you in the proper mood for the transition of Bruce to the Dark Knight? Will Gotham’s final season do justice to the iconic character in the end? Share you thoughts with us at GVNation.

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