During the height of the pandemic and lockdown, TV shows got us all through quarantine. It really grinds my gears when networks and streaming services cancel TV shows. No matter how many viewers a show has, there’s still people who are watching consistently and want to see the story finish. Unfortunately, it’s a numbers game and even if a show has a passionate fanbase, a show can easily be canceled if there’s not enough views (according to their standards).

So, let’s go through some of the shows that were canceled this year that make me cry.

American Gods

This list is in no particular order, but if you know me, then you know this is the show I’m most upset over getting canceled. I love American Gods and I wanted to watch this Starz series until the end (realistically, there only needed to be one more season). Unfortunately, due to numbers, some controversy, and news-hungry outlets desperate for headlines, American Gods was canceled after three seasons. The show followed Neil Gaiman’s story and while yes, I can agree that there were some questionable decisions along the way, I can also say that I (and others) loved this show. And we really wanted it to continue.


I surprisingly enjoyed Netflix’s Cursed. Starring Katherine Langford, this mystical series was based on a young adult novel and pondered the idea of “what if a woman wielded the sword”? It was a spin on an old Arthurian tale and it was a really great series. I enjoyed the acting, the scenery, the wardrobe, and just everything about this show. Gustaf Skarsgard was great in it as the wizard Merlin and it had a really epic ending that made me yearn for a second season. A season that will never come, as Netflix has canceled the show after only one season.

Prodigal Son

So, here’s the thing – I never actually watched Prodigal Son. However, just like American Gods; I know it has a huge fanbase on Twitter and many of these fans are social media friends of mine. So, I feel like I have to put it on the list. You have Tom Payne, Michael Sheen, and many more talented actors. It went on for two seasons and was praised in many incidents for being a well-liked show. Yet, they were still canceled – much to many people’s surprise. This shows honestly the ruthlessness of these networks, who really don’t take fanbases into account when canceling shows.

Lovecraft Country

This was insanely surprising. I don’t think a show has made the impact that Lovecraft Country has had in a long time. When this HBO Max series came out, it was highly praised. From the acting, to the writing, and so much more – Lovecraft Country has left its mark. There was no conceivable way that it wouldn’t get a second season. In an incredibly surprising move, Lovecraft Country was canceled after only one season – leaving everyone shocked. Simply put, it doesn’t make sense. I’m happy we were able to see more of Jonathan Majors and we’re getting him in the MCU, but it still doesn’t make sense.

Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp is one of those shows that has a fanbase that is described as “tiny, but mighty”. While Wynonna Earp was more of a smaller budgeted show (being on the SYFY network), it has a very dedicated fanbase. People loved this show and when there was a chance that the show wouldn’t get the fourth season they were already promised, people showed up. They got hashtags trending, put up billboards, and more. Wynonna Earp did get a fourth season, but I know fans wanted more. When Wynonna Earp got canceled, I know my fellow Earpers weren’t happy. Thankfully, we’ll always have this incredible show to look back on.

Honorable Mention: Brave New World (Oct 2020)

Now, I know Brave New World was canceled in October 2020, so I won’t say much…but, c’mon, Peacock, why’d you have to cancel this?

I’ve clearly left out a lot of shows, so you tell me what show you were upset over being canceled in 2021!!

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