[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”29710″ img_size=”913×517″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Considering Marilyn Manson is already somewhat of a god himself, it makes sense that he would be cast in American Gods’ third season. Deadline brings the news that the musician and actor will join Starz’ series for season three.

Similar to his real-life persona, Manson will play the lead singer of Blood Death. The bloodthirsty Johan Wengren fronts this Viking death metal band, both which are a source of power for Mr. Wednesday in his war against the New Gods. The fact that Manson is playing the lead singer of a Viking death metal band is so cool and considering who Manson is, he’ll be great at it.

Season three showrunner Chic Eglee commented:

“As a long-time admirer of his estimable talent as an author, artist, musician, and actor, it is dope indeed to be working with Mr. Manson in Season 3 of American Gods.”

He added:

“Bringing his specific energy, wit, and boundless enthusiasm for all-things-Neil-Gaiman to the role of Johan, a Norse ‘berserker’ in service to Odin, his performance promises to be disturbing, original, and uniquely entertaining.”

Manson will be in four episodes of the third season, which will be interesting considering each season only has eight episodes. Correct me if I’m wrong, Neil Gaiman readers out there; but when I read American Gods, I don’t remember this character, nor the band. Which, I’m completely fine with. The show has already diverted from the books, most of them good diversions; so I’m really stoked to see Manson in American Gods.

American Gods will debut its third season next year.

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