Mobile apps have slowly started to dominate the world as they are easy to access anytime and anywhere. They come with a very intuitive user interface that is easy to use and navigate. Almost every industry uses mobile apps to make them more accessible to customers. The education industry is no different. 

There has been a huge transition in the way people learn with the emergence of mobile apps. With this rapid evolution, education and knowledge are available to the learners at their fingertips. Many corporate companies are also using mobile learning for their employee training.

So, if you haven’t leveraged mobile learning for your employee training needs, you are missing out on something big. Mobile learning has become so popular because learners can switch from one app to another very easily. Mobile learning is great for multi-tasking. With the attention spans of audiences going down drastically, short-form learning content took the center stage. There are so many benefits of mobile learning, let’s discuss them detailly.


1)Better accessibility;

One of the biggest benefits of mobile learning is its accessibility throughout the day. Websites can be accessed only through desktops and laptops but mobile apps can be accessed on smartphones. Because the size of the smartphone is way too less than a desktop or a laptop, it is easy to use. They can access the content whenever they are stuck somewhere or while commuting to the office.


2)Greater employee engagement:

Your organization might have a decent amount of young professionals within the age bracket of 22 to 30 years. Studies show that young people spend around 90 hours a month on mobiles. Not only younger professionals, but people of all ages are also now using smartphones extensively. So, it’s easy to engage them through mobile learning. Talking to your employees in the language and format they understand is important to yield better results. 


3)Saves a whole lot of time:

While deciding to conduct classroom training, venue, time, and availability of the employees should be taken into account. But for mobile learning, you don’t need to consider all these parameters. You can train a large workforce at once without even much planning. With mobile learning, employees can accommodate more time to their normal jobs and at the same time learn and access the content whenever they need. So, with mobile learning, they can manage their daily tasks much better as it offers flexibility.


4)Employees can work on different skills:

With classroom training employees can have access to anyone’s courses particularly. But with mobile learning, there are a plethora of options to choose any one course that is most relevant and help them to enhance their skills. Along with this, as technology is adopted more into the organization, your employees can learn it easily with the use of mobile learning. With the help of how-to guides on their mobiles, employees can refer to them whenever they need.


5)Boosts employee performance:

One of the major benefits of employee training is it doesn’t ruin the daily work schedule of the employee. Employees can have that freedom and flexibility to manage their time which helps them to perform better. Mobile learning is also engaging and interesting, so it is great for knowledge retention. Also, when employees feel that the organization thinks innovatively to adopt new learning methods like mobile learning, they focus even more to give their best.


6)Can have different content formats:

Gone are those days when the only way to learn is by reading the material or a book. With many content formats like videos, infographics, and podcasts, learners can choose one which they like. Mobile learning supports all these formats and opens up a whole new approach to learning. With infographics and videos, complex topics can be broken down into bit-sized modules which helps learners to understand the concepts easily.



To wind up, mobile learning offers many benefits like these which opens up a new dimension to the way you learn. While you choose a learning management system for employee training, ensure it has a mobile learning feature in it. For instance, you can check VelocityEHS reviews, which support mobile learning and have many other important features, to see if they have the feature you are looking for. We hope this article helps you in understanding the importance of mobile learning.

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