As we learn more about the PS5, the news keeps getting better. Not only will it play most PS4 games, but it will also give many of those games a helping hand. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will play many of the compatible PS4 games with a boosted frequency. This would increase stability for those games and in some cases, increase resolution as well.

At this time, Sony is testing many of the PS4 games to confirm compatibility as well as recognize any issues a certain game might have. This is done to avoid any possible conflicts between the PS4 games and the PS5 BEFORE its release. Fans of the gaming system would certainly appreciate that attention to detail.

The main reason I bought the original PS3 was because I could play PS2 games on it. So this is good news. And a little boost doesn’t hurt. As fans of the PlayStation, does backwards compatibility make it easier for you to open your wallets for the PS5? Or does it matter to you? Also while you’re gaming you can also check an excellent article on gaming chairs.

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