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Marvel Studio and Sony Pictures are unable to reach an agreement, therefore there will be no more Spider-Man movies in the MCU. That’s right – let it soak in that we will not see Tom Holland again as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Remember what Spider-Man: Far From Home set up at the very end? We will not see the result of that due to the two studios being unable to reach an agreement with new terms.

This stems from a dispute that originated with Marvel wanting co-financing stakes going forward. This comes from Sony nixing Feige and Marvel from Spider-Man’s universe.

There apparently are two more Spider-Man movies under contract with Jon Watts directing and Tom Holland staring, but Feige is not leading the creative team on this one. Will Sony actually take over from here? Does this mean we’ll see Holland and Tom Hardy’s Venom interact? That means no more Holland with the Avengers in the MCU – which, why, Sony, why?

Everything comes down to money. Disney wanted that future Spider-Man movies be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement between them and Sony. Sony turned that down. Sony wanted to keep the current arrangement where Marvel receives in the range of 5% of the first dollar gross, which Disney refused.

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Sony believes that they will be fine without Disney, but we will see about that. This report is double-sided – Sony being the sole producer of Spider-Man again and Spider-Man not being in the MCU. We were all excited that Spider-Man had come back home (hence, the first movie being called Homecoming) and now we’re at this point again.

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