Money Heist and Squid Game are two huge series on Netflix. Now, the two are being combined (in a way) with Squid Game’s Park Hae-soo set to play the lead in Netflix’s South Korean adaptation of the Spanish series. You may know Hae-soo as Sang-woo in Squid Game, but he’ll be playing Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa in the new series.

The character is played by Pedro Alonso in the original version and Park is the first actor to be cast in the South Korean version.

Park has expressed:

“In the past five years, fans around the world have shown their love for the series. I hope our Korean version also receives your love and support. It is an honor for me to participate in such a wonderful series and above all to make Berlin an amazing character. I’m sure the rest of the cast of the Korean version feels the same way as I do.”

He added:

“As an actor and as a fan of the series, I want to thank the cast and crew of ‘Money Heist’ for the great series they have created. We are looking forward to sharing the Korean version of Money Heist with you in 2022.”

What do you think of Park’s casting and Netflix developing a Korean version of Money Heist?

Source: Variety

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