The Force may be with you again soon, new rumors suggest! Multiple sources- including Bespin Bulletin, a highly reliable source for all things Star Wars- have asserted that EA has one or more projects brewing involving Knights of the Old Republic I&II.

Now another reliable scooper, Jordan Maison with Cinelinx, has announced that upscaled ports of the legendary duology will be released sometime this year. Different Star Wars games have received the makeover/reintroduction treatment, including Star Wars Episode I: Racer and Star Wars: Jedi Knight, so the claim is easily credible.

For Star Wars geeks and RPG lovers alike, this is champagne-popping news. KOtOR‘s release in 2003 was met with critical praise and adoration. The series, with in-game systems based on D&D’s 3rd edition rules, set a bar for the genre with its gripping script and storytelling. Players are expected to grapple with genuinely difficult decision-making, as epic battles rage left and right as you decide which direction to lean (don’t worry, you get a lightsaber either way).

For now, we have only the promise of “sometime this year,” so keep posted with GVN for updates. How excited are you to return to that galaxy far, far away? Let us know in the comments!

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