Original Halloween ‘Shape’ Offers Insight on Michael Myers’ Development

Halloween 2018 is just another in a long line of Michael Myers movies and for any fan of the horror movie franchise, not much beats the original. While the latest reboot is receiving praise and sees the return of original actress Jamie Lee Curtis, the man who first played the “shape” aka Myers, took to […]

Michael Myers Seen Briefly Without Mask In Lastest Trailer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you think of Michael Myers, you immediately think of the man in the mask. That iconic mask goes along with Jason Vorhees’ hockey mask as pure symbols of horror movie fear. When the latest trailer was released, fans have gotten a brief glimpse of the man without his mask. This was the first time […]

Nick Castle Explains Why He Originally Took The “Shape” Role In Halloween

In the original Halloween, Nick Castle played the role of “The Shape” spending most of that time in the iconic Michael Myers mask. While he set the blueprint for the sequels that followed, Castle admitted that was not his main motivation to take on the job. He stated that the only reason he originally accepted the […]