Taika Waititi Attached to Mystery Project That Will Be Finished Before He Films Thor: Love and Thunder [UPDATE]

Taika Waititi

Epic director Taika Waititi has a new mysterious project that he’ll tackle before returning to direct Thor: Love and Thunder. According to Variety, Waititi’s untitled project has been grabbed by Fox Searchlight who now have the rights to distribute. There are no details left, but it’s fair to say that Waititi is not only a busy man, but a highly coveted one.

Not only does he have this project to work on and Jojo Rabbit, but Thor 4 as well. Originally, Waititi was supposed to work on Akira, but due to the fourth installment of Thor, he had to postpone the project.

While Akira was pushed back, Waititi regardless was sold on this project by producer Garrett Basch. Basch promised that the project would get finished in time for Waititi to then work on Thor: Love and Thunder.

As we find out more we will let you know!

UPDATE: According to Deadline, the project Waititi is involved in is Next Goal Wins. This project will be based on the documentary from 2014 from directors Mike Brett and Steve Jamison. The soccer documentary followed Dutch coach Thomas Rongen. Rongen attempts to turn the American Samoa team from “losers” into “winners”. According to Deadline, Waititi is adapting it with Iain Morris.