Identity Crisis

When we last left our doppelgänger friends on Earth-Zeta, DragonFlyMan and DragonFly had been captured by Number One. At least until DragonflyMan escaped and with the help of young Stinger, took the bad guy down (as heroes are known to do). However, after the scrap, he looked at his old friend DragonFlyMan in puzzlement. Turning to ask DragonFly (or DragonFlyMan as Chip knows him now) who the guy in his old costume was. Leaping Identity Crisis DragonFlyMan!

Leave This to the Men Folk

Meanwhile, back on Earth Alpha, Lady DragonFly was trying to discover where young Chip had gotten off to. She was given the task of looking after the boy when DragonFlyMan (DragonFly… we really need a program to keep these guys straight) left to investigate the mysterious poisoned water supply. So she went where all good heroes go to find out what’s going on in the city. She went to the Bank (it is the most trusted Institution in the City, after all). There the Bank President and the Mayor were doing their important jobs of eating Ostrich eggs and accomplishing nothing.  Not that she cared, all she wanted was for them to use the city’s EveryScope. It was the surveillance system that tied camera’s all around the city into the banks main system. She hoped that it picked up Chip’s whereabouts.

At least, that’s what she hoped to find, as soon as the male chauvinists in the room would allow her to view the tape. But all they suggested was for her to “leave this to the men folk.” Fortunately, they agreed to assist her, once she asked on behalf of Stinger and not herself. The Mayor looked up the timeframe she had supplied them with and searched for Stinger. They saw that while fighting some bad guys, he went through a mirror. So THAT’s where he disappeared to. Once she got the address, she left the Bank President and the Mayor to whine about why she didn’t give them a kiss on the cheek or a hug for their service. “Creeps!”

Who Cares for Chip

While Lady DragonFly is heading to the supplied destination, back on Earth-Zeta, the DragonFly’s are trying to explain to Stinger who is who. DragonFlyMan (a.k.a. DragonFly) tells Chip that DragonFly (a.k.a. DragonFlyMan) is the doppelgänger from another Earth. The “Original” DragonFlyMan goes along with this story, for now, as they discuss how they will decide what to do next. To expedite this, he calls in the DragonWagon, a sleek green sports car. The “New” DragonFly offers to let Chip drive the car. As he starts to get in, he gasses Chip, knocking him unconscious and sending the car off.

He wanted to make sure Chip was safe before he proceeded to the next part of his plan, which was jumping the “New” DragonFlyMan. As they battled, they argued who cared for Chip more and what was in his best interest. Basically, they were a couple in need of counseling over the best interest of their kid. But just when it appears that the “Original” DragonFly was getting the upper hand, ANOTHER Dragonfly…DragonFlyMan…whatever….showed up. Forget Programs….we need Name Tags!


This issue started strong with an old fashioned look at Sexism. The comments made by the Mayor and the Bank President toward Lady DragonFly reflected back to a different time, but unfortunately, it is just as prevalent today as then. The best parts of these exchanges were Jamal Igle’s perfect expressions on Lady DragonFly’s face as these two Neanderthals spoke down to her. I especially liked the frame where she was basically looking back straight at the reader, probably wondering…”Who ARE these Putz’s?” Along with the Tom Peyer dialogue, it showed a woman who knew how to manipulate those who thought themselves better. Thought, being the operative term. Great stuff.

I kind of feel for Stinger. It is getting hard to tell who is who when it comes to DragonFly’s. The one positive thing is that Chip seems to bring out the best in both men. When their not trying to beat each OTHER up. Now that ANOTHER version is being thrown into the soup, we have might have a full day of therapy ahead. Especially when Lady DragonFly is added to the menu.


Always check out the extra prose stories in each and every issue of Ahoy. In this issue, there are three such stories, including one from our friend Jay Sandlin entitled: Rookie with Illustration by John Procter. Always glad to see Jay’s work and his continued growth as a writer. Also read Not Required Reading by Matt Brady and illustration by Joe Orsak and One Rule of Galactic Dentistry by Blake Nail and illustrated by Greg Scott.

Next Issue

So who IS the New DragonFly? Another version of the original or someone totally different? Perhaps another Chip? But I guess that’s for Mr. Peyer and Mr. Igle to explain. Ahoy Comics The Wrong Earth, Night and Day, Issue 4 can be found where great comics are sold.

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