The Best eSports Games to Be Playing Right Now

Whilst many industries have struggled in the early part of 2020, one that has seemingly not suffered is that of video games.

The Washington Post reports that the gaming industry has seen a visible jump in both numbers and reach as people have been confined to their homes, with major tournaments around the world seeing huge numbers of viewers tuning in. With plenty of action across a wide variety of games, eSports has offered those frustrated with the lack of physical events something to follow.

Some top athletes and competitors have also turned to eSports to help keep their name in the news, with soccer one strong beneficiary from eSports exposure. We start our roundup of the best eSports for you to be playing right now with a hugely popular title from Electronic Arts.

Apex Legends

Electronic Arts are pushing their eSports reach this year, and their Apex Legends title is a title that is worth picking up and playing. The Apex Legends Global Series is relatively new to the eSports stage, which presents plenty of opportunity for new players. It does not quite carry the same prestige as some of the others on the list; the prize fund is a modest $3 million. However, with it being a newer competition, there is more scope for an unknown to make a real name for themselves, which means Apex Legends is a great game to pick up in 2020.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has always been a multiplayer behemoth, even before the world of eSports embraced the competitive nature of the game. It is easy to pick up and play, but mastering the finer points of the game can be a challenge. However, the rewards are plentiful for those who do, which attract some of the finest eSports teams around the world.

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Atlanta Faze recently joined Dallas Empire as the only two-time Home Series winners at an event in Los Angeles, putting them amongst the world’s elite teams in Call of Duty eSports. The win, which was widely expected by pundits after their narrow defeat against Dallas in Chicago, leaves them ahead in the overall rankings. Atlanta Faze are the highest-ranked team for the upcoming Call of Duty League matches, according to Bwin. There are still four events to take place, with teams in for a share of an impressive $4.2 million prize fund, of which Atlanta is expected to seize a large proportion.


Fortnite Battle Royale emerged as a popular eSport last year, and with an estimated 250 million players around the world, it is clear to see how it has become so popular. Those who can master the game can chase big rewards; the winner of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup walked away with $3 million in prize money.

The tournament included some 40 million competitors and boasted a prize pot of over $30 million, which establishes Fortnite as one of the premium eSports you should be playing right now. Indeed, Fortnite was amongst the contenders for the best eSports game in the recent Game of the Year Awards and it is no surprise why; the final took place in front of a capacity 23,771 crowd at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.


EA’s FIFA might not have been considered a serious eSport before the recent situation around the world, but it certainly will be once things return to normal. Several huge clubs in Europe have turned to FIFA as a way of connecting with fans, with French giants Paris St. Germain selling rights to screen their own tournament recently.

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The FIFA eWorld Cup is also growing at an impressive rate, with 47 million tuning in for the 2019 event. This year’s competition promises to be even bigger, with significant prize money available for the winner. There is only one game eSports fans and keen soccer followers should be picking up this year, and it’s FIFA 20.

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