Homelander definitely is one of the most powerful characters on TV. And dangerous. As displayed in season one of The Boys. Throughout the season he has killed people in some gruesome ways. It looks like he’ll continue this trend in season two. One of the most brutal ways he killed someone was by literally melting Stillwell’s face off. Underneath, though; all of that display of power, Homelander is…kind of weird?

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Star Antony Starr teased the odd habits Homelander will pick up in season two:

“Of course he is always gonna be looking for a new mommy, or maybe daddy who knows. It’s life without Stillwell and what does that mean? What do you do when you’re on your own? And you’re seeing in the clips, you’ve seen some interesting feeding habits that he developed and, you know I don’t think I’m spoiling anything there. I’ve seen a lot on social media. People are kind of interested in what’s going on with that, but now it’s a really fun season and I’m really excited for people to see where we took the character.”

Starr continued:

“Season two is about dealing with those repercussions and as opposed to it going crazier I think, smartly, Eric (Kripke) said very early on in the season two prep, ‘We’re not trying to go bigger. We’re trying to go deeper,'” Starr added. “Because how can you top some of the things in season one, right? I mean it’s pretty out there and there’s some pretty hideous things that he does.

So what we really really focused on is trying to come up with some new angles and really figure out how this guy deals with the repercussions of his actions in season one. And I think as much as we tried to not go bigger, somehow it did. Bizarrely we set out, so that was the true north of the season. And it does fall into that, but it definitely was a much more internal journey in season two and it’s really much more challenging as an actor and as a creative team to do that. But ultimately it was really a rewarding and the results have been really good.”

Are you excited for The Boys season 2?

Source: The Boys

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