The Dallas Mavericks Are Making Plenty of Changes Offseason

Going into the 2021 offseason, the Dallas Mavericks were in for a couple of huge changes. The fans were expecting the Mavericks to undergo a change in roster after a grueling seven-game series against the LA Clippers, which they unfortunately lost. But when it was reported that the team’s 24-year General Manager Donnie Nelson, as well as their head coach Rick Carlisle, were leaving, it was established that those pulling the strings had to make more significant changes.

Billionaire Mark Cuban has been tasked with rebuilding the power structure in the Mavericks. And after an exhausting week and a half, deals have been made and all the crucial posts in the team have been filled. Here, let’s take a look at how the Maverick’s team dynamics have changed and what’s in store for the future of Dallas’ star basketball team.

Nico Harrison as the new general manager

If we look at the records, having Mark Cuban as its owner has hurt the Mavericks at times. Mark Cuban has been known to call a few unusual shots and is fond of building an unorthodox basketball organization, and this has resulted in countless fines and violations for the Mavericks. However, it’s also fair to say that Cuban’s out-of-the-box decisions have also led to positive change. One such decision that seems to be a hopeful move for the Mavericks is hiring Nike executive Nico Harrison as the team’s new general manager.

Nico Harrison has earned the hard court’s biggest players. He’s known for helping Luka Dončić shift into the Jordan brand, where he has flourished and even got his own logo and player-exclusive colorways. Aside from that, he was also recognized as the guy that assisted Kobe Bryant in building his image and had a great relationship with him until the day he died. Cuban’s decision to hire Nico Harrison has also been supported by several people in the industry, such as Portland guards Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, as well as NBA legend Lebron James.

The appointment of Jason Kidd

Another key decision that Mark Cuban made was the appointment of Jason Kidd as the Mavericks’ head coach. While his move to hire Nico Harrison was celebrated, this choice to add Jason Kidd to the mix has upset a lot of people. Kidd’s history as a coach, particularly his time with the Milwaukee Bucks, was average at best. However, he was well-liked by players all over the league, which may have helped land him this gig with the Mavericks. In fact, the Portland Trailblazers have also expressed a strong desire for Jason Kidd to take their head coach’s mantle.

Even Lebron James has voiced out his support for Jason Kidd, after playing under the head coach in Los Angeles in the last two seasons. This off-season, the key focus for the Mavericks is adding the right players around star player Luka. And through Kidd’s charm, the team may be able to attract some of the hottest players in basketball today.

The return of Dirk Nowitzki

Another key move that will surely impact the future of the Mavericks is the return of Dirk Nowitzki in an advisory role. The legendary forward has helped Mark Cuban with choosing Jason Kidd as the head coach, and will be available for consultation on future front office decisions.

Without a doubt, the Dallas Mavericks have been turned on its head with the addition of a new general manager and new head coach. We shall soon see how the new hires will perform as the 2021-2022 season starts in October.

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