We were all shocked during the events of the second season of Daredevil, where Matt Murdock’s previously strong ties with Foggy Nelson began unraveling. Not only did their business go bottoms up, but their friendship deteriorated. On top of this, the re-introduction of Elektra back into Matt’s life put a major strain on his ties with Karen Page, to the point of completely breaking. How could friendships that were so strong in the first season be completely ripped apart just a few episodes later?

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Unfortunately, this is a trend we have now seen in the Netflix Marvel world. While The Defenders showed a slight reunion between Foggy, Matt, and Karen, the friendships are still strained, and even though at this point, everyone thinks Matt is dead, I still feel there is a lot that is going to have to be sorted out in the third season.

What happened in Daredevil season two was unfortunate and the trend continued in Jessica Jones season two. The first season of the hit show thrived on the bonds between Jessica and Trish. They were there for each other and a great example of how two completely different people could consider themselves as close as sisters. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see the storyline go in a direction that started pulling them apart, to the point where Trish was responsible for Jessica’s mother’s death. Jessica made it clear how upset she was with Trish and who knows if she’ll ever forgive her. With this former example of a desirable friendship broken and her confidant Malcolm seemingly driven to conspiring against her, it’s going to be awkward in season three.

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Then, in season two of Luke Cage, we saw a very unexpected shift in Harlem’s Hero. Now, personally, I believe the second season is stronger than the first one and consistently good all around. Still, it was out of character to make it seem like suddenly Luke was taking over the criminal enterprise Mariah left behind after her death. This, on top of his violent outbreak in front of Claire, and complete aloof behavior towards Misty at the end of the season tells me that his relationships will be strained in the third season. And, Misty as an enemy is simply something you don’t want.

So, why is this a trend? Will season two of Iron Fist pull apart Danny and Colleen? Will season two of The Punisher yank Frank and Curtis apart? My only hope is that this depressing and now predictable trend can be stopped, as it is not shocking nor anything new. It’s simply creating unnecessary messes that will have to be cleaned up in the third seasons.

Iron Fist season two premieres September 7th and since we already know certain former friendships are done and over with, it’ll be interesting how the remaining alliances pan out during the season.

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