Jai Courtney played the despicable, but lovable (?) Captain Boomerang in 2016’s Suicide Squad. While Suicide Squad wasn’t exactly met with positive criticism, fans still enjoyed his portrayal of the character – along with other actors and their characters. It’s most likely the primary reason that we’re getting a sequel to Suicide Squad – just with a different director. 2016’s version was directed by David Ayer and the upcoming sequel, titled THE Suicide Squad; will be directed by James Gunn.

During an interview with Courtney, conducted by Variety for his upcoming series Stateless; the interviewer brought up The Suicide Squad. Here is that interview:

Interview With Variety

On a lighter note, your “Suicide Squad” co-stars Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman have both told Variety how funny the sequel is going to be compared with the first movie because it’s written and directed by James Gunn.

I think it’s kind of got a different flavor. There’s a whole bunch of new characters. James Gunn has an approach to things that is uniquely his; he pulls a lot of that into the “Suicide Squad” world. And I think that it fits really well, and audiences are going to have a lot of fun with it.

Tell me about your most fun day on set.

I won’t say too much, but there’s a particular sequence when I get very wet, and a few other people do, and hilarity ensued when it came to that. When you’re spending hours upon hours in a water tank with a bunch of people treading water, and you’ve got Styrofoam stuffed into every crevice of your costume to try and take the load off and because it’s 4 a.m., it gets quite ridiculous.

When you were in that water tank, did you ever stop and look around and think, “What has my life become”? It has to feel surreal.

I am lucky that sometimes I’m making these small-budget gritty dramas like “Stateless,” and sometimes I’m out shooting big ridiculous action comedies like “Suicide Squad.” To have feet on both of those trains is a lot of fun — and it also means that I never get tired of it.

For the full interview, you can head over to Variety. Are you excited for The Suicide Squad and Courtney’s return as Captain Boomerang?

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