The Third Walking Dead Series Will Feature a Younger Cast of Characters


We have the original The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead and you’ve probably heard that we’re getting a third series. What does this entail? We know that the series will focus on a cast of younger character. The Walking Dead’s chief content officer Scott Gimple was at SDCC and revealed a few tidbits of information on this new show.

The third series has yet to be titled and it would fit into the other series’ canon. These young adults have only known a world full of walkers and there are some who grew up “behind walls”. These, Gimple says; characters know a life with comfort and safety:

“They know what walkers are, they know how to kill them, but they’ve never done it.”

We’ll see the children who were privileged enough not to be among the zombies out and about for the first time. I bet the original group in The Walking Dead would have liked those privileges!

Gimple teased:

“We’re going to see some of these kids become heroes, and some becomes villains.”

What do you think of the plot of the third Walking Dead series?

Source: Polygon