Now that Netflix’s The Witcher has been released for a while, many people have had the opportunity to see the show. One of the things noticed was the easy report between the Bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) and The Witcher (Henry Cavill). While this is not unusual with those familiar to the books, it is new to those who came to the series fresh.

It is this relationship that show runner Lauren S. Hissrich said was a totally natural thing.

There were no challenges about bringing that to life. That relationship is so pure. We wrote it on screen, and then Henry and Joey have a great relationship, and there is plenty of ad-libbing happening in those scenes. Their energy just plays so well off each other, and their chemistry is really great. …And what I think is great through these two seeing their relationship play out over over the season is that you do start to see where Geralt needs Jaskier and wants Jaskier. And their friendship is, I think, one of the funniest, most heartwarming parts of the entire season.

This makes sense as Hissrich has already suggested that the relationship between Jaskier and Geralt will be a focus for the second season. Have you had an opportunity to watch The Witcher? Are you excited to see the 2nd season? Share your thoughts about Jaskier and Geralt with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

Source: ComicBook

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