Zack Snyder has two huge movies coming out this year and one of them is not named Justice League. Army of the Dead is Snyder’s zombie action thriller that will arrive on Netflix later this year. EW has gotten some first look images and spoke with Tig Notaro who was cast after Chris D’Elia was let go.  Tig shared some experiences working with Zack Snyder on the film and has nothing but wonderful things to say about the director.

“This could have been the drabbest greenscreen experience, yet it was by far one of the most fun experiences I’ve had, Zack Snyder is a genius. The fact that he wrote, produced, and directed this, and was a cinematographer and was the cameraman. Somebody that talented and busy could certainly be a jerk, but he took the time to hang out and talk to everybody and gave every single person the time of day. So I would love for people to know what a stellar human that guy is and the entire crew. It was a blast.”


The pandemic was in full swing when Tig was brought on and being a cancer survivor she was in the vulnerable group but still shot her scenes for the film. Zack had this to say about Tig

“We were right in the heart of COVID and she is in a vulnerable group, and yet she just put her head down and came out and did that work with us, and it turned out to be amazing,” Snyder says. “I just think she’s cool as hell.” 

Snyder continues:

“I knew she was awesome and I knew it’d be good, though I also couldn’t be 100 percent sure what it would mean for the movie — what would be her alchemy inside of this film. Her subtlety, her cadence, it’s just so unique. So it was like an exciting adventure for us.”

High praise from both Snyder and Tig so it seems they could possibly be working together again in the future. Netflix has not announced a release date for Army of the Dead but it is expected to release later this year.

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