We’re all looking forward to the upcoming Titans tv show on DC Universe and with the premiere date inching closer, more information is flooding in. We have now learned that the start of the highly-anticipated show will be a two-part episode combined into one.

News report went back and forth whether there were going to be thirteen or twelve episodes. There are thirteen episodes that were shot, but the premiere will be two episodes shown together. Which, is a real treat for those who are looking forward to this series, which I very much am.

Eneba Many GEOs

Titans will be a gritty take on what we have seen before with previous cartoon shows and movies centering around Teen Titans. We’ve seen the trailer for Titans, which will not shy away from using foul-language and this is most likely a tactic to bring in a more adult viewership.

Titans will premiere October 12, 2018.

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