Lucifer fans may not be happy by hearing that re-negotiations between star Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. Television may have brought the potential of a sixth season to a standstill. Apparent, Ellis is rejecting the studio’s offer. He had previously agreed to a season six, so if he is failing to honor the deal that’s already existence then he would be breaching the contract.

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Warner Bros., according to sources; have gone back and “sweetened the pot”, as Lucifer wouldn’t be Lucifer without Ellis. Remember, these are jobs for actors and they want their money. According to a source:

“Everyone wants Tom to be happy,” says the insider. “But there’s a limit, and it’s been reached.”

Netflix, Warner Bros., and Ellis’ spokesperson have all declined to comment. As we find out more, we will let you know. But, what do you think? Should Ellis accept the offer or is it time for Ellis to move on from Lucifer, which was “rescued” from Fox and has been on Netflix for the past couple of seasons.

Source: TVLine

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