Tom Holland’s Uncharted film is like “Indiana Jones and James Bond had a baby” – according to Holland. We just got the first trailer for Mortal Kombat, but that’s not the only upcoming video game adaptation. Holland will play the main character Nathan Drake in the film. In a new interview, Holland described his character:

“I think the easiest way to describe the film without belittling it in any way is like if Indiana Jones and James Bond had had a baby, it would be Nathan Drake. That is the way I keep describing the film.”

Nathan Drake is a character who travels the world in search of “mysterious artifacts”. It’s easy to see where the Indiana Jones connection comes in. And as CinemaBlend describes, he’s a bit of a “ladies man”. While some people questioned Holland’s casting for the character, I love hearing how excited he is for his role.

Are you excited for Uncharted?

Source: CinemaBlend

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