Top 5 Education Apps For Your Android Tablets

Learning from smartphones and tablets has become the norm nowadays. Most people love the versatility of tablets when it comes to learning new things. Over the years, developers have started offering a wide range of educational apps specially optimized for Android tablets. Here are some of the educational apps you can try on your Android tablets. 


Khan Academy

If you want to learn something, then no app compares to this amazing educational app. It has a great content library with thousands of educational videos, tutorials, and instructional content, enabling students to understand concepts in easy language. All of it is free and easily available on a well-optimized tablet app. You can save more of the paid premium academic content with Hotozcoupons.  


Socratic by Google

If you wish to know everything about the particular thing you are looking at, then ‘Socratic’ is the app for you. This app enables the users to take photos of the things around them and get to know about them in return. It is a smart way of learning and educating yourself on new and exciting things in and around you. It can be extremely helpful in dealing with a math problem, understanding a chemistry formula, or learning about any famous personality history. It is certainly an exciting way to learn things on the go. 



If you are looking to learn new skills and improve your skill set, Udemy is the best education app. This app offers a vast volume of courses that users can choose from to enhance their knowledge and skill. It covers everything from marketing, business, technology, designing, foreign languages, and much more. A number of these courses are free, but quite a few of them are paid as well. But the quality of the educational content is the same throughout whether you are going through a ‘paid’ or ‘free’ course. You can save more on the paid premium courses with Indiancoupons



The inclusion of this app might be a surprise, but several educational content creators have joined this platform over the years. Now YouTube offers very in-depth educational content globally and covers everything from conventional academic educational content to skill and tech-based educational content. This app is incredibly optimized for the tablet and works like a charm. Users can unlock more premium educational content by buying a YouTube subscription at just $12.99 annually. 


Google Play Books

Google Play Books have emerged as a formidable educational app in its unique way. It is the best app to access millions of books from fiction to nonfiction and almost every other genre. Selection is such that it would be tough to miss out on any category ranging from guidebooks, textbooks, core academic books, and professional books to various books in multiple languages. Books are not solely free, but the pricing is just as good as any other eBook seller online. This app has been highly optimized for tablet users to ensure they get the best reading experience. You can save more on the paid books with discount coupons from Dealvoucherz.


FlashCard ToGo

This app, as the name suggests, helps in creating as well as editing flashcards easier. Creating flashcards helps students learn things in a simple and engaging manner; through the use of video and audio. It does not need more than a minute to create any kind of informative and exciting flashcard on the go. Students can make their own flashcards if they wish to quiz themselves after the class or revise the content later on. 


These six education apps offer a great user experience on the tablets with their on spot optimization and user-centric UI controls.


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