Are you looking for a speaker system for your entertainment room? If you do not know what you are looking for, the task can seem overwhelming and daunting. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when buying speakers and show how each decision affects the performance of your speaker system.

Power and Volume

The first thing to consider is the power you need and how much volume your room will require. If you have a smaller than average apartment, then a system with one powerful speaker may suffice. But remember, the more speakers you have, you will create the bigger soundstage. But if you live in a large house or open-plan loft or factory, you will need more speakers.


Choosing a speaker brand is all about personal preference. Most premium speaker systems are of good quality but expensive. You can find cheap speakers perfect for your entertainment room, but keep in mind that they will be of lower quality. Premium speakers from Bang & Olufsen will produce a different sound than generic speakers. Before purchasing any speakers, be sure to check the customer reviews, as established brands always get better reviews than cheap imitations.

Drive Units

The drive unit is the part of the speaker that converts power from your amplifier into sound. It does this by using a magnetic field to move a cone back and forth very quickly in response to changes in current flow. To reproduce sounds at low frequencies accurately, speakers require large cones. The size of the cone affects the volume; it is much easier to push air out of a large cone than a small one. Also, smaller cones will play higher frequencies more accurately if they are well designed. If high-quality sound reproduction at low frequencies is essential, then buy speakers with larger drivers.


Speakers are gadgets that undoubtedly make life easier. The way that speakers are designed can have a massive impact on the sound quality. Most speakers will be compact because small cabinets usually produce higher quality sound than large ones. However, buy oversized speakers with bold designs if you want your room to look more stylish or dramatic. If you wish for truly accurate sound reproduction, though, consider buying monitor speakers. On the other hand, if you want audio with a lot of emphasis or punch, buy prominent speakers and subs to support them.

Subwoofers and Speakers

Choosing the perfect subwoofer for your entertainment system is down to personal preference. If you watch a lot of action movies, then you may want a beefy bass. But if you only listen to pop music, you can afford to buy smaller subs as these systems will not need anything extravagant. However, purchasing a separate subwoofer will give you more flexibility as they can be placed anywhere in the room.

Speaker Placement

How you set up your home audio system will affect the speaker’s performance. There is no right or wrong way to place speakers in the room. They can be placed anywhere that you think will produce good sound quality. You should consider buying speaker stands for optimum performance, though, as these will allow your speakers to shine at their best. If you purchase bookshelf speakers, they can sit on a shelf. But if you buy floor standing speakers, it is advisable to place them on stands.

Finally, great audio in your home starts with buying the right speaker system. If you keep in mind these tips and tricks before you buy, you will be sure to get the maximum performance out of your speakers. Remember, investment in sound speaker systems is never a waste of money.

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